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Dead Sea Salt – Advantages and Its Ability to Treat Monkey Pox

Dead Sea Minerals and Salts are widely known for their remarkable healing qualities since ancient times. They are used for treating different skin conditions such as itchiness, inflammation, dryness, etc. owing to their therapeutic nature. Whether you use it as a bathing salt or even in your skincare products, it is up to you. These salts enter your body and attach to the toxin to help in detoxification. We shall look at the advantages of Dead Sea Salt and also suggest their use in treating different medical conditions, especially for Monkey Pox.

Let us first read more about Dead Sea Salts and where they come from.

Epsom salt is taken from a spoon


Origin and Composition of Dead Sea Salt

As the name suggests, Dead Sea salts come from the Dead Sea, lying in the Jordan Rift Valley, which is one of the saltiest and deepest lakes in the world washing up minerals on its shore. It is 9 times saltier than normal ocean water having a 34% salinity level.

Composition-wise, Dead Sea Salt is different from other salts such as common salt having 97% Sodium Chloride level. Dead Sea Salt only has 12-18% NaCl while the remaining 82-88% is minerals such as Magnesium, Calcium, Sulphur, Bromide, Zinc, Potassium, etc. These minerals are significantly effective in cleansing and relieving allergies.

These minerals in the Dead Sea Salt have amazing benefits, some of which are described below:

  • Sodium is essential for a strong immune system
  • Chlorine boosts the cell metabolism
  • Magnesium is a good anti-allergic agent and is also important for cell metabolism.
  • Sulfur is a good disinfectant for skin
  • Bromide plays its role in calming muscles, it relieves tensions and calms the brain
  • Zinc regulates enzyme activity.
  • Potassium helps in breathing as it regulates muscles and nervous system functions and improves oxidation.

Advantages of Dead Sea Salt

Some of the major proven benefits of using Dead Sea Salt are described below:

Boost Skin Health

The benefits of dead sea salt for the skin are in several ways as they help treat specific skin conditions such as Acne, Aging & Skin Problems, Cellulite, Dry Skin, Wrinkling, and Skin Allergies. The sulfur concentration is effective in treating acne as it cleanses and purifies the skin removing bacteria and dirt. Dead Sea Salt helps in achieving soft supple skin by detoxifying and improving circulation. It removes the impurities and toxins that might otherwise accumulate in skin tissue.

Regular use of Dead Sea Salts will help alleviate your skin health problems. The minerals in Dead Sea Salt are significant in cleansing the skin from within by introducing necessary electrolytes.

Calming Effects:

Dead Sea Minerals have a very calming effect in relieving general stress and helping with insomnia. Bath Salts are also available that are good for reducing stress. Using these salts in your bathing water will help your nerves to calm down and increase circulation. It would moisturize your skin and give you a relaxing feeling.

You can also try a hot bath that would help evaporate the bromide in the Salt which gives the same condition as that of the Dead Sea. This steam is going to increase relaxation and improve respiratory conditions, thus is a remedy for insomnia.

Treating Diseases

Several Studies have shown how pure dead sea salts aid in treating diseases such as psoriasis, rheumatologic disease, Eczema, Arthritic disorders, etc.

  • Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a long-term chronic disease that has no specific cure yet. However, salt from the dead sea can be of great use in reducing the effects of psoriasis. The Dead Sea holds solar ultraviolet radiations in its salts, which can be beneficial for the treatment of psoriasis. A study showed that people using Dead Sea Salts in their bathwater had a psoriasis reduction of 43.6 % whereas those using common salt had only a 24% reduction in psoriasis.

  • Rheumatologic diseases

The use of Dead Sea Salt and even Dead Sea Mud can prove to be beneficial for inflammation in rheumatologic diseases.

  • Arthritic Disorders

Dead Sea Salts removes stiffness and discomfort by heating the mud and applying it to sore or irritated joints. This is because minerals improve blood circulation, which is important to minimise inflammatory reactions. The elements’ capacity to enter the system and be absorbed is improved when the salt has been heated.

The ability of Dead Sea Salt to Treat Monkey Pox

Let us discuss the symptoms of monkeypox and how dead sea salt baths can be capable of treating it.

A total of 55,425 Monkeypox cases have been reported on a global level according to the most recent statistics of the year 2022. This creates an alarming situation, especially in the United States where most cases were found.

Monkey Pox and Its Remedies

The major symptoms of monkeypox include a headache, pain in muscles, lethargy, fever, and rashes. These rashes may look like pimples with puss and can develop in different areas of your body including your face, feet, genitals, and even inside the mouth.

This disease is commonly transmitted by skin contact, especially sexual contact. So, if you start experiencing the symptoms, it is best to isolate yourself. The disease is not deadly and 99% of those infected have a high survival rate. However, it may become dangerous for children, and pregnant or breastfeeding women.

According to WHO, you can take a few preventive measures to heal quickly if you get infected and prevent your family from it too. Avoid scratching the blisters and keep them dry and uncovered. Use sanitizers and disinfectants and regularly rinse your mouth. You should take warm baths using Epsom salt. Now we can discuss how Dead Sea Salt can be a great replacement for Epsom salt owing to its large detoxifying benefits.

Dead Sea Salt as a Replacement for Epsom Salt

Epsom salts have high concentrations of magnesium and sulphates. However, Dead Sea Salts have high concentrations of calcium chloride, sodium, bromide, potassium, magnesium, and potassium.

This makes it an amazing alternative owing to its high mineral content. The Sulfur would aid in collagen production necessary for the formation of connective tissues and cell structures. Bathing in dead sea salt would help in healing Monkeypox rashes and lead to a quick recovery.