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Epsom Salt – Top 5 befits of Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt, also known as magnesium sulfate, is a popular compound you can find easily. This compound is quite well-known for its outstanding therapeutic benefits. This salt is named after the town of Epson in England. That’s where Epsom Salt was initially discovered inside a natural spring. As of now, you can easily purchase Epsom Salt from your local health food stores, drug stores, and online stores. Continue to read to learn more about the benefits of Epsom salt.

What is Epsom Salt?

Epsom Salt is a naturally occurring mineral compound of sulfur, magnesium, and oxygen. People have been using this salt for thousands of years. The effects of Epsom Salt baths and using Epsom Salt for plants are quite popular. You will be able to use Epsom Salt both internally as well as externally. It will easily get absorbed through the skin into your bloodstream.

What is Epsom Salt used for?

You can find numerous uses of Epsom Salt, which range from health and wellness to household cleaning and gardening. Here’s an overview of the most prominent Epsom Salt uses.

Epsom Salt bath

Epsom Salt bathing can offer to relax and soothing properties. It can help you reduce inflammation and ease sore muscles. You just need to add a couple of Epsom Salt cups into warm bathwater and soak yourself for 30 minutes to experience these health benefits. The Epsom Salt bath benefits are popular all around the world. You will love to have a bath with Epsom Salt every week and enjoy all the amazing benefits that come with it.

Epsom Salt for plants

You can use Epsom Salt as an excellent fertilizer for plants as well. It can provide sulfur and magnesium to plants. You just need to mix a couple of teaspoons of Epsom Salt into a gallon of water and water your plants with the solution. You just have to do it once a month to receive these benefits.

Household cleaning

You may also use Epsom Salt as a natural cleaner around your house. For example, it can help you to deodorize carpets, scrub stains from natural surfaces, and remove grime from tile and grout.

Epsom Salt for skin care

The excellent detoxifying and exfoliating properties of Epsom Salt make it a perfect product available for skin care. You may think about using Epsom Salt as a foot soak or facial scrub. It is also possible for you to add a few drops of Epsom Salt to reduce inflammation and enhance the texture of your skin.

How to use Epsom Salt

Now you have a basic idea of what is Epsom Salt good for. While keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at the ways how to use it. For example, using Epsom Salt for skin care is different from how you can use Epsom Salt for the garden.  Here are the most prominent applications of Epsom Salt and how you should be using it.

You need to soak yourself in Epsom Salt mixed water to experience the health benefits. For example, you may add a couple of Epsom Salt cups into a warm bath and soak yourself for around 30 minutes. This will help you with reducing inflammation and aid with sore muscles. Some other Epsom Salt bath benefits include relaxation and softening of rough skin.

  • Epsom Salt as a laxative

You can use Epsom Salt as a natural laxative as well. This is where you can mix around 3 teaspoons of Epsom Salt in a glass of warm water and drink it. This will provide relief to you against constipation.

  • Epsom Salt as a fertilizer

When using Epsom Salt as a fertilizer, you just need to dissolve one teaspoon of salt within a gallon of water. Then you can spray it on the plant leaves or plant roots.

  • Epsom Salt for cleaning

Mix two teaspoons of Epsom Salt in a gallon of water. Then you can use the solution as a cleaning agent to clean the house. You may also use it along with any other commercial cleaning solution.

Final words

Now you have a clear idea of what Epsom Salt is all about. It is one of the most versatile compounds you can find out there. Take a look at the health benefits of Epsom salt and you may start using it. Finding Epsom Salt is never a challenge, and you can easily order it online.