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Handmade natural soap better for you and the earth

How handmade natural soap better for you and the earth?

Handmade natural soaps are made from pure vegetable oils, plant butter, and essential oil ingredients. Natural soaps do not contain any harmful chemicals or preservatives which can irritate your skin and dry it out, making you prone to infection.

With natural soap, you skip the drying and irritating ingredients and get a gentle cleanser that is suitable for all skin types.

Handmade natural soap is better for you and the earth because:

– No artificial ingredients or preservatives – Sulfates in most soap is not suitable for your skin; natural soap does not contain them.

– Natural soap is mild on your skin, won’t irritate it like other commercially made soaps, which often clog up pores and lead to acne breakouts

– Natural soap is biodegradable- which means it can quickly decompose naturally in the environment.

– Sustainability – It’s more sustainable than commercially made soap because there are no additives or preservatives that go into making natural soaps.

Natural soap does not last as long as commercial soaps do; you’ll need to make it regularly because there are no preservatives.

– Natural soap gets milder with every use because the natural glycerin is left in after saponification (the chemical reaction that makes soap).

This means that you only need a little bit of natural soap to clean your whole body, which means you can save money on your soaps and keep them out of landfills.

– Fewer chemicals and carcinogens – Natural soap leaves no residue on the skin like commercial soap does. With natural soaps, you enjoy a chemical-free life which is good for your health and the environment.

45 cm*60cm Eco-friendly handmade 100%natural cold process Goat’s Milk Soap

Earth-friendly soaps are handmade with all-natural, organic ingredients. They contain no harsh chemicals or preservatives and are not tested on animals. Our soaps are handcrafted in small batches to ensure each bar is as fresh as possible.

Does soap create pollution?

Soap creates pollution when it dissolves in water and becomes part of the waste stream. Natural soap is biodegradable and, when it’s disposed of in the trash, will decompose naturally in a landfill.

Commercial soaps contain surfactants and other chemicals that don’t dissolve in water and will sit on top of the water in the waste stream until they are carried to a treatment plant where they become pollutants.

Soap pollution is one of the most significant and least talked about environmental issues that we have. The US alone dumps over 2 million pounds of soap into waterways each year, killing fish and polluting our water supply.

In addition, most commercial soap contains plastic particles or microbeads, which are non-biodegradable and can further harm the environment.

Since natural soaps do not contain harmful chemicals, they are a more environmentally friendly option for your family’s bath time. Handmade, Organic Soap is good for you and good for the earth!

Soap is messing marine life up.

Soap can cause significant destruction to marine life. Even the smallest amount of soap in waterways has been seen to reduce aquatic species by over 50% within just five days!

In addition, just a tiny amount of soap residue on your body can cause harm to marine life when you go swimming. Every time we swim in a lake or ocean, we are exposed to whatever chemicals might be in the water – soaps included!

The good news is that once you start using natural soaps, you can help save marine life and reduce the amount of pollution created. Since natural soaps are biodegradable, they dissolve quickly in water and do not create a scum on top of the water like commercially made soap does.

Handmade cold process 100% natural Goat’s Milk Soap is gentle enough for your whole family- even small children!

Is it better to use natural handmade soap than regular soaps?


When you choose natural handmade soap, you’re doing your part to create a better world for your children and their children.

Natural handmade soap is good for you because it’s gentle on the skin and does not contain harsh chemicals or preservatives that can irritate sensitive skin.

Natural Soap is good for the earth because it’s made with all-natural ingredients and contains no plastic, preservatives, or scents that would harm marine life if it were to get into waterways.

When you buy soap online or in a boutique store, you’re paying for the whole process of soap making – from the raw ingredients to the packaging and marketing. Handmade soap is made with all-natural ingredients and only contains the bare minimum of oils and fats required to make a soap bar.

There’s no need for any unnecessary additives or non-essential scents, which means you save money on your handmade soap and help create a better world for our children at the same time!

Earth-friendly soaps are handmade with all-natural, organic ingredients.

They contain no harsh chemicals or preservatives and are not tested on animals. Our soaps are handcrafted in small batches to ensure each bar is as fresh as possible.

How does soap decompose?

Soap has a chemical structure that is not readily biodegradable, and it does not break down easily. Since soap doesn’t typically dissolve in water, surfactants can accumulate as thick suds at the top of bodies of water.

This accumulation is harmful to aquatic wildlife such as fish and amphibians, as it prevents them from reaching the oxygen they need at the surface of the water. This can cause their death.

Although bulk soap isn’t readily biodegradable, if enough time were spent in nature, its ingredients would separate, and it would simply dissolve away – similar to a candy bar left outside under your porch.

Always choose natural soap that is made with organic, all-natural ingredients. It should contain no added chemicals or preservatives.

Look for soap labeled as “natural” by the manufacturer – it’s more likely to be kind to your skin, kind to marine life, and kind to the earth.


When you use natural soap, it’s a win-win for your whole family and the environment. Natural handmade soaps are made with organic ingredients that create a gentle lather perfect for all skin types.

They’re also safe to use in water as they don’t produce suds or scum on top of the water like commercially produced soap does if you want to save marine life while creating less pollution, start using handmade natural soap.