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Benefits of Himalayan Salt

Benefits of Himalayan Salt



Detoxify with Dead Sea Salts

Whether you love a bath as part of your nightly routine or you are looking for a natural way to remedy stress, fatigue and muscle pain, a Dead Sea salt bath might just be the answer you’re looking for.


What is it?

Known for its healing properties, Dead Sea salt offers many health benefits, whether enjoyed in a bath or used as a refreshing shower scrub.


As the name suggests, this amazing salt comes from the Dead Sea. It has a unique taste and texture compared with regular table salt, partly because it’s far less processed. Dead sea salt  occurs when seawater evaporates and it’s rich in magnesium, potassium and calcium, all of which are known for their therapeutic benefits.

These magical minerals are packed inside Dead Sea salts and they release negative ions when they’re dissolved in water. These nurturing salts diffuse into the water and are then absorbed into the body..

Why choose to use Dead Sea Salts?

There are numerous benefits associated with using Dead Sea Salt and here are just some of them:

  • It can soothe tired muscles and relieve tension
  • It can be used as a supplemental detox
  • It increases the amount of natural moisture on your skin
  • It’s known to eliminate toxins from the body

If you suffer from rheumatic problems, here at Bath Salt, our best Dead Sea salt can help to relieve your discomfort, including rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis pain.

Get Glowing Skin

Dead Sea salt can also be highly beneficial for your skin. If you suffer from dry, itchy or sensitive skin, this salt can help, as well as being useful as a healing salt for eczema.  It removes dead cells by exfoliating your skin, making it particularly beneficial for acne sufferers.

When you buy your Dead Sea salt directly from us at Bath Salt, you can be confident that it contains only 100% natural minerals and nothing more for a wholesome experience.

How To Use

How To Use



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